Legendary Limutai

Introduction Limutai


Limutai Scenic Spot is a National Geological Park and National Forest Park with running ridges and peaks inside. There are more than 80 mountains, and the main mountain Mount Limutai has an elevation of 997m. With steep canyons, beautiful and secluded forests, running pools and waterfalls, and twining wisteria, it is called “Shennongjia in Tianjin” and “Northern Tropical Rain Forest” by experts and scholars. The Archaean rocks about 2.6-3.5 billion years ago naturally form geological wonders such as Qiancengyanhualing, Dengtianfeng, Mount Wuzhi and Wanjuantianshu, etc. The Great Wall built by the Northern Qi Dynasty 1,400 years ago is still winding and zigzagging, presenting a splendid sight. Smart rivers, dancing green trees, fresh air and magnificent rock paintings in Limutai can make you lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

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