On Teachers' day, free tickets for teachers' tour in limutai

(Summary description)jingle! The 36th teacher's Day is coming~ This is a special year Because of the new outbreak When school can't resume classes

On Teachers' day, free tickets for teachers' tour in limutai

(Summary description)jingle! The 36th teacher's Day is coming~ This is a special year Because of the new outbreak When school can't resume classes


jingle! The 36th teacher's Day is coming~

This is a special year

Because of the new outbreak

When school can't resume classes

The teachers persevered in their posts

Pondering over new teaching methods

Bring different learning experience to students

Let's say it to all the teachers

The ancients said, "teachers, therefore, preach, teach and dispel doubts." Confucius said: "learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is dangerous". Teachers, on the road of preaching and teaching, have always guided us to think actively and integrate with each other. At the same time, they should study hard, accumulate knowledge, combine learning with thinking, integrate knowledge with practice, and grow into talents needed by the society.

As a teacher, you can see the rain and rain all the year round, moisten and fragrant peaches and plums

As a teacher, stick to the original heart, write poems and the distance

A piece of paper can not carry our deep blessing

A thousand words of praise can't melt our respect for you

On the eve of teacher's Day

Free ticket policy for Limu station

Salute to every teacher

Time: September 10-13, 2020

For tourists: Teachers

Activity content: during the activity period, teachers can visit limutai scenic spot free of tickets (need to buy shuttle bus tickets) with the teacher's certificate.

Tel: 022-22711569

Please navigate to the tourist center (ticket office) of limutai

Blue sky, elegant clouds, tall and straight trees

Clear water, fragrant grass and gentle wind

Li Mu Tai in early autumn

It has a beautiful scenery

There are also "teachers of all subjects" like the surprise

There is poetic and picturesque flavor that Chinese teachers like

The beauty of autumn in limutai has quietly appeared

The green hills are secluded and the clouds are floating

The charming autumn wind is gentle and cool

Whirling leaves, graceful dance

The waterfall is like Bai Lian falling from the sky

The sun is bright but not burning

And the cool air, the distant sky

A school of poetic and picturesque scenery

Let people linger on

There are rare animals and plants that biology teachers like

Well preserved original forest ecosystem in limutai

Thousands of rare species have been bred

There are rare tropical plants in the north

Wild kiwifruit and tassel

The plant of frigid zone is Herba dracunculata and Cucurbita pepo

The northern loach, huajiangluo in the Arctic Ocean

An endangered species of tropical and subtropical skink

Also happy to live here

There are some archaic rocks that geography teachers like

Limutai is Jizhou National Geopark

Landform of quartz peak forest Gorge

There are world-famous Middle Upper Proterozoic geological section

2.6-3.5 billion years ago

After hundreds of millions of years of natural baptism

The formation of canyons, peak forests and many pictographic stones, pictographic mountains

Here are the red memories that political teachers like

Limutai was an important part of the East Hebei Anti Japanese base

After entering the new era, it will become the base of patriotism education

The permanent exhibition room of "historical memory red monument" has been established

To carry forward the revolutionary tradition and educate future generations

There are legends and ancient Great Wall that history teachers like

Limutai is a royal garden banned 500 years ago

It is also the place where Wang Enze, an ancient pear tree, has been living for more than 400 years

The mysterious stone sea hides the secret of stealing treasures from the eastern Tomb of the Qing Dynasty

General Shi, mother and son Shi

Tianshu fantasy indulges in free imagination

There is also the oldest Great Wall in Tianjin

——Site of the ancient Great Wall of the Northern Qi Dynasty

The ochre yellow wall is magnificent in the morning and sunset

Remembering the distant frontier fortress beacon fire

There are pure air and mountain spring water that chemistry teachers like

The negative oxygen ions in limutai scenic area are

1000-20000 per cubic centimeter

Much higher than the World Health Organization

Fresh air standards

The only living water resources in Jizhou

The mountain spring water contains

Calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, germanium, strontium, etc

A variety of healthy minerals

The pH value of water is 7.7

Natural weak alkaline mineral water

Breath fresh breath

Drinking sweet mountain spring water

Clearing the mind and changing the lung

Let a person whole body pore stretch

Scenery, mood and temperature

Everything is just fine

Go out of campus and travel for the holidays

Dear teachers

We are waiting for you at limutai

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